23rd Day: Saved myself from jerking off!

So, again the dreadful day came.

Or the weekend.

Its the toughest day of the week.

Almost alone at the room, with high-speed Wi-Fi.

I hope you can understand the condition.


Today, though I didn’t watched any porn, but went as far as to watch Youtube series with vulgar things on it.

And you are 22 years old guy. Single. Haven’t jerked off for straight 22 days. Then on the 23rd day, even a little provocative Youtube videos can set the trigger. And thats what happened.

I am so thankful, I stopped. I stopped just before the ejaculative orgasm. Just before that.

And I am so happy, and proud right now.

I saved myself somehow from the extreme shame and guilt of failure that would have followed.

I am so happy now.


Hope it continues in this way.



Day 16: Almost relapsed. But saved myself

Hi Good Morning.

You cannot believe How Happy I am today?

Today I took bath for almost an hour.

I almost broke my vow of 365 days, but what can I say more than God saved me.

I almost gave up.

Almost I collapsed.

Oh God! How I was saved!

The one thought that what I gonna write on my Diary on Monday when I return to office made me stop. Somewhat.

I am really happy.

I already knew that most probable fall days are Saturdays and Sunday.

Because I am home on these two days only. Free. Nothing much to do.

But right now, just the thought that I am not writing my relapse/failure story makes me so confident of myself.

I am extremely happy, I didn’t give up.

I didn’t.

I am NOT week.

I am Strong.

I will prove it Inshallah.

Day 9: As I progressed with more determination..

Assalam O Alaikum.
It was easier done than said.
Today is my 8th consecutive day.
And Alhamdulillah, I am doing great.

I read people saying, that they could easily quit porn completely.
But is it necessary to quit masturbation too?
They basically ask this because I know its a lot more difficult to quit masturbation
once you have started.
They want the easier way out.
I tell you its necessary to quit both.
And its not IMPOSSIBLE.

My pro-tip for 8 days: NEVER EVER touch your body. Don’t go with the flow, thinking that you will stop before the end.
It doesn’t happen sadly.
The earlier you stop, the better and easier it would be.

So, don’t even start touching yourself.
Its too difficult to come back.
I tell you.

As they say, Be Smart Never Start.

Day 4: Quitting porn and masturbation

Its the fourth amazing day of my otherwise borng life.

My determination is quite fixed. And unhindered.

Yesterday, while browsing, some sexually exciting pictures come in, and I comfortably ignored them. They didn’t matter anymore.

In general, what I use to do was shift from Pictures to Youtube and then finally to Porn.

No. Not anymore.

I feel liberated.


During the addiction days, I used to sleep quite late. Yesterday I was fast asleep by 12 am.

And woke up at 5:50 am itself. Feeling quite energetic.

Yesterday, we got Internet connection at our house.

Now, we have 500 GB of daily Internet with a very high speed (50MBPS).

If this would have happenend a week back, I would have wasted 10s of hours on seeing most powerful porn, but not any more.

I didn’t.

And I am happy. Too happy.

I am taking too much preventie measures.

Hope my journey goes long, and is powerful.

Waiting for the 4th day to be succcessful as well. 🙂

Porn free Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


World is large and beautiful.

Porn is small and ugly.

World makes our thinking wider, increases our strength and puts positivity inside us.

The porn world was dark, and full of negative vibes.


Now, I am qutting it.

Its my third day without any porn, and of course no jerking off (masturbbation) either.

These two things combined had made my life hell.

Come. Join me. Against beating this odd addiction which is taking the youth out of us to an end.

I want to be the energetic jolly boy again.

It has been a sad journey so far in this world.

I want to be a little happier now.

Experience with porn was dark, and ugly.

I hope from now onwards, the journey is brighter and better.

Do follow me for my furure journey,

A beautful journey without any porn and masturbation.

I will call my coming new life, “A new Beginning!”

Meet you again.